Road Trip – South Coast of Western Australia

Road Trip Stand up paddle board SUP road cycling hiking tour
Have Outlander… Loaded up… will travel

G’day. We have recently returned home from a 9 day, 2110 kilometer road trip to the south coast of Western Australia where we visited towns and localities that we have past connections with as well as a few that were new to us. When I say we, I mean myself, my wife and three young kids aged 5, 3 and not yet 1.  Along the way we were scoping the potential for future operations and looking for great photo opportunities….

So where are the Pics?

Well I am pleased to report that we found some great places to cycle, SUP and hike. I reckon we got a few good pics too. I now have several thousand pictures and videos to sift through which will take some time. The upside of that is having some great pics to post to show you why you need to come and join us in Western Australia… if you are not here already. You should see pics appearing on our  Instagram (@ridepaddlehike) and Facebook (Ride Paddle Hike) feeds shortly and we’ll be working on further blog entries and a gallery for this trip.

Whistle stops and destinations

Our trip took us to Hyden (and nearby Wave Rock) and Lake King on the way to the coast, as well as Esperance, Hopetoun, Bremer Bay and Albany. Each of our stops had their own unique attractions and beauty as you will see as we start posting our pics and future blog entries.

stand up paddle board SUP cycling hiking tours
The wave – apparently formed when this part of the rock was just below ground level

The Roads

This was the first big trip for Ride Paddle Hike and for our Mitsubishi Outlander. We drove 2000 plus kilometers on highways and roads which ranged in quality from smooth and wide to fairly narrow to downright rough. We could have done mor travel on sealed roads but this would have meant missing some great locations and experiences. The worst  of the roads we traveled stopped just short, but not far short at times of teeth chattering. Western Australia’s dirt roads can sometimes develop pretty serious corrugations as anyone who’s traveled in the country here will know. The Outlander handled all of the conditions thrown at it pretty well. Thankfully also, any nasty road sections were short lived and, for the most part, the roads were pretty good.

Cycle, SUP and Hiking?

While the focus of this road trip was definitely stand up paddle boarding, we were looking out for cycling and hiking opportunities as well. We were not disappointed, finding some excellent hiking and road cycling options at a number of our stops. “And the stand up paddle boarding?” you ask. Well our paddle boards got wet at each of our coastal stops. The boards also managed to get in some photos away from the coast as well. I’ll fill you in in the posts to follow.

A Great Trip

For a 9 day trip that clocked up a decent number of stops and kilometers and stops it went really well. 3 young kids coped admirably with being shut up in a car for hours on end as we traveled between stops. Of course there were the usual moments. Camping also got a tick, first time for our youngest who handled it well.  We stayed in motels and a cabin for three nights where we only stayed one night at a location before moving on. Each of the locations we explored revealed magical sights and experiences which we’ll share with you soon.


So would I do another road trip like this? … Yes! In a flash!

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Road Trip Road Cycling SUP Stand up paddle board hiking tour
Road Trip Colours. blue skies, golden straw and red gravel road verges.

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Stand Up Paddle Board road trip western australia attractions
Lake King Viewing area – SUP launch area

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