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Destination – Lake King

Getting To Lake King

There’s no shying away from it, Lake King is a long way from anywhere. 437 kilometers from Perth, 360 kilometers from Albany and 260 kilometers from Esperance, it’s a fair drive from the nearest major centres.¬† On the up side, the roads are good and we only had to drive from Hyden, a mere 126 kilometers, where we finished up on day one of our south coast road trip. After our Wave Rock photo shoot and a look around, we set off arriving in Lake King in time for Lunch.

Stand up paddleboard road trip SUP trip Western Australia
Lake King logo – lifted from one of the community buildings

Lake King – The Town

The population of Lake King, according to wikipedia (per 2006 census) is 219. The majority of this population, however, live out of own on farms in the surrounding region and you may see no-one at all as you pass through unless you stop in for fuel (available 24 hours a day) or food at the local store or tavern… or of course, its the weekend, when locals and visitors may flock to town for a variety of sporting options. The town is small but caters well to the needs of the region and the community is close knit. It has a place in my heart as my childhood home. After a simple meal of pasties and sausage rolls we headed out to the Lake.

stand up paddle board SUP road trip Western Australia
Lake King – at the lake

Lake King – The Lake

Just 4-5 kilometers out of town, toward Newdegate, lies Lake King, the lake from which the town appears to draws it’s name. It’s hard to miss as you literally drive straight across it on a causeway. The lake system stretches some 40+ kilometers in a north-south direction and the causeway will take you about 7.5 kilometers from lake edge to lake edge. Half way across, you can turn onto a low promontory so you can stop and take in the views of the lake, or experience it perhaps. We unstrapped a paddle board and headed out onto the lake to get some pics.

SUP trip stand up paddle board travel Western Australia road trip

SUP on Lake King

The Lake was dry as expected, it usually is at this time of year, and we were able to walk out onto it. Salt crystals form a sparkling crust of dazzling white. A word of caution here… SUNSCREEN. The crystaline surface makes for a remarkable landscape and we had a great time exploring and shooting on it.

SUP stand up paddle board tour travel
Family Affair – Just add water and life jackets

Next Stop – Esperance

With our visit to Lake King complete and needing to get to Esperance  to set up our tent before dark, we set off. Choosing to take the gravel Norseman and Cascades Roads to shorten the trip, we head out past the Rabbit Proof Fence and into the wilderness.

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SUP crossing – Crossing the Rabbit Proof Fence

Post script:

Just 1 month after our visit, still at the height of summer, water was flowing across the causeway as a result unseasonal  record rainfall and flooding across the region. Stand up paddling on Lake King could now be conventional for a short time until the floodwaters recede. We are more than happy with the results of our photo shoot in the dry.

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